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It's important to note that the crane count indicates the number of cranes spending the night at the sanctuary. Many more are often observed flying over. 

Crane Count: 4

Species count: 32

September 25, 2023

The highlight was the Sedge Wren seen in the transition area to the left of the apple trees. Only 4 cranes landed in the marsh to roost.

Counters: Ross Green, Gary Siegrist, & Don Henise

Compiler: Don Henise

Total crane count was 4

Species count:  32

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Photos by Don Henise


An interesting article about Sandhill Cranes

published in the Washtenaw Voice, the student newspaper for Washtenaw Community College with photos from our own Tom Hodgson. Click Here

More "crane count" photos from Steve Jerant


Crane Count Archive

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